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Welcome to International Journal & Research Academy (IJARA)

IJARA stands for International Journal and Research Academy. It is often referred to as IJARA. As the name suggests, we are searching for scholars from all over the world and from all fields of studies in order to bring them into a common platform. IJARA is an international organization for promoting research and for providing a common platform for research scholars from all disciplines.IJARA aims at publishing scholarly journals in a wide range of academic fields, including business, engineering, social sciences, humanities, natural sciences, biological and medical sciences, and education and so on. The aim of IJARA journals is to deliver original, peer-reviewed research from international scholars to a worldwide audience. 

All our publications of IJARA are available online that concurrently belong to many societies, universities and research institutes. Authors are invited to submit their manuscript to the editorial board of IJARA to be approved and published in our regular issue.

Currently we are inviting authors for our upcoming different issues. For details and submission guidelines please read our resources or contact with us.

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Journals Abstracted / Indexed In
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